Announcing version 19.80.8

It may be the dog days of summer but we're not letting up here at SSI...our upcoming 19..80.8 release has a host of major features we're excited about! To find out more about release schedules and for a list of all resolved bugs and features, contact your client services manager.


  • Revamped facility modelling - Covenant and advancing definitions use our all-new LMS rule engine and expression language, greatly lowering the learning curve for modelling new facilities.
  • New Integration - Well Fargo custodial integration now available
  • Snapshots - Historical records of sublimits and ineligible loans are now saved permanently.
  • Reports - Facility expiration and sublimit/ineligibility exception reports now available
  • Numerous bug fixes and features, including improvements transaction processing

LMS / Lms.Connect

  • Pricing Engine - we've rewritten our ratesheet pricing and eligbility engine from the ground up, with huge improvements in performance, ease of maintenance, and flexibility.
  • New Integration - Well Fargo custodial integration now available
  • Correct loan details - a comprehensive loan data editor to make it easier for investors to override and enhance loan data post-registration
  • Numerous bug fixes and features including improvements to document exporting, due diligence workflow, and funding calculations

Lms.Ops / Lms.Insight

  • Constant Yield accounting - customers electing held-for-investment accounting can now choose to use constant yield valuation methodology, in addition to the already-supported straight line method.
  • Escrow and corporate advances - improved handling of escrow and corp advance balances, including options to include on purchase and sale fundings and automatically updating balances from servicer remittance feeds
  •  Numerous bug fixes and features including improvements to inter-company transfers