Lms.Connect 2.0 preview - eSignatures are here!

We are excited to announce that our upcoming version of Lms.Connect will include seamless eSignature capability via SSI’s new Docusign partnership. Docusign is an FHA and GSE approved industry provider of electronic signatures and electronic document solutions, and is part of SSI’s strategy to leverage emerging digital loan doc standards throughout our platform to allow customers to streamline processes, strengthen oversight, and position themselves for the rapidly approaching world of fully digital loan transactions.

Lms.Connect 2.0, the next major version of our conduit lock and delivery transaction portal, will allow loan transaction documents such as purchase advices to be electronically signed by all parties via Docusign. Doc preparation is completely automated and both buyer and seller use can Docusign’s secure and familiar execution workflows. Fully executed documents are instantly loaded into to Lms.Connect for secure download and long-term retention. Documents are digitally signed with complete audit trail so that verification and compliance are a breeze.

Here’s a preview of the new functionality below: