Release Announcement: Cycle 80 is LIVE - Fast, Sophisticated, and Easy to Use

Out with the old, in with the new!

We are pleased to formally announce our latest and best upgrade yet, Cycle 80.

Over the past year, our products have undergone some serious refactoring and enhancements based on the needs of our users. We've spent countless hours refining features to address gaps in the market, as well as delivering solutions to reflect industry best practices.

Whether you're a conduit, broker / dealer, loan aggregator, originator, servicer, hedge fund, advisory biz, or simply a firm looking to manage whole loans, SSI's platform now delivers a cleaner and faster experience for all users, supported by a completely reimagined workflow engine, sleek new screens and more!  Check it out below!

Click on the image below to get a closer look!

Processing Enhancements

Cycle 80 sports a complete rewrite of our workflow engine that brings significant enhancements to our abilities to: 

  • Streamline varied sets of processes, be it transaction related or operational
  • Run processes more efficiently - we've achieved performance gains of at least 500% 
  • Support running workflows on larger data sets, i.e settling a pool of 25k loans or generating data edits on 100k loans
  • Centralize auditing for every process via the new architecture

LmsOps 2.0 is now LIVE!

We have re-implemented the LmsOps loan accounting module with the new Phoenix distributed task architecture / workflow engine. Check out some of the updates:

Redesign: Preview your Scheduled Payment Transactions prior to submitting to the GL

New Feature: Manage ARM Resets, forecast new rates and use them in your interest accruals and monthly P&I recon

  • Ops will forecast new rates the moment the rate index is populated based on the lookback period
  • Users can review rates and underlying terms used to generate the forecast and make updates as necessary
  • Rate forecasting can be rerun on demand or automatically to account for updated info
  • The new rates can automatically be marked 'Approved' on the reset date unless there are outstanding issues (i.e. if the calculated rate is below the rate margin)
  • Servicing interest accrual will use the forecasted rate after the reset date
  • The forecasted rate will be integrated into the P&I forecast at the appropriate month

Click on the image below to get a closer look!

Brand New Workflow Wizard

Workflow wizards have been redesigned to display more useful information. They're capable of displaying custom messages and grids alongside aggregated data!

Redesigned Login Pages

The login page, for both investor and seller facing applications, has been redesigned to deliver a more modern look and provide configurable options to display different info, including:

  • Company logo in the Correspondent Portal
  • Terms of Service
  • Disclaimer
  • HelpDesk Info

A Correspondent Portal Optimized for Seller Interaction

The Correspondent Portal homepage has been completely redesigned based on industry feedback. This new home screen is task-oriented, allowing sellers to see all of the items requiring action as soon as they log in - no more searching through different screens to figure out what needs to be done.  By filtering out the noise, Correspondents can clearly identify their priorities.  Also, you (as the investor / host of the portal) have full control of new announcements and documents you wish to release to Sellers, thereby making communication simple and seamless.

Click on the image below to get a closer look!

Side-by-side Data Compares

It’s now easier than ever to compare loan data from different points in the process.  You can pull up side-by-side comparisons and quickly filter out your differences.  The comparison column has been intelligently designed to recognize true differences in the data - it knows not to flag differences in casing or supplemental data. The example below highlights a compare of Lock vs. DD values, but can be revised to compare Custodial vs. DD values, or even Lock vs. Settlement Pricing - adjustments and all!

Dynamically Generate PDFs using our Rich Text Facility!

Rich text widgets are convenient tools for creating dynamic form letters, auto-populated text for reporting, or any other application of free form text.  You can search for any field in the database to fill in any text content - manually filling in those Microsoft Word documents is a thing of the past!


...And Many More Awesome Features!

  • Highly configurable framework to interface and integrate with Servicers, Custodians, TPR Vendors, AVMs, you name it!
  • Streamlined in-app Condition Clearing and Management - complete with real-time document delivery to TPR vendors
  • Savable dashboard filters - quickly run multiple scenarios of reporting with private and shared filters
  • Smart copy and paste - copy any alphanumeric list of Loan numbers from Excel and paste into a Loan Search dashboard; watch the platform automatically comma separate the list
  • Freeze Columns - freeze columns right in the app to facilitate the viewing of large tables of data, just like Excel

We encourage our readers to provide us with feedback. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to see a demo of our latest technology, please reach out to your SSI Account Manager or email us at