Product Launch: LMS.Lend, a Warehouse Lending System

SSI is excited to announce our new solution for Warehouse Lenders, LMS.Lend!  Built on top of LMS’s extensive loan data model, LMS.Lend is an exceptional tool for tracking and managing warehouse lines.  

Why Use LMS.Lend?

Warehouse lenders that manage any number of warehouse lines can use LMS.Lend to address many aspects of fundings, returns, and line management:

  • Real-time analysis of Sublimit and Covenant exposure at the time of funding
  • Real-time loan eligibility checks during fundings
  • Automatic calculation of best usage for facilities, encouraging sellers to use the line
  • Ability to monitor risk exposure across facilities
  • Allow sellers to initiate transactions, reducing internal workload and bottlenecks

Track fundings and returns

LMS.Lend provides a clear, easy-to-use transaction dashboard to monitor all activity on a particular line.  All transactions use a wizard to guide users through the various steps of a funding or return.

Tape-cracking ability and Custom Validations

Easily add custom funding validations particular to your lending business.  New clients can be on-boarded quickly by using LMS.Lend’s mapping definition tool.

Transaction Approval and Audit Trail

Out-of-the-box support for manager approvals and transaction workflow.  Provides a full audit trail of all actions and decisions.

Real-time Sublimit and Covenant Tracking and Waivers

Create custom collateral definitions for use in limit and exclusion definitions.  Provides for an ability to temporarily waive any rule.  All eligibility rules are invoked during transaction processing, providing an instant look at how any change will affect the facility:

Custom Rule-based Loan Pricing

Create custom collateral definitions for use in defining pricing buckets.  Assign margin and advance rates at the bucket level.

Facility Borrowing Base, Waterfall and Availability Calculations

Calculate a borrowing base in real-time, taking into consideration all covenants, sublimits and pricing.  Apply a cash waterfall across eligible collateral, thereby providing best use for your warehouse clients.  Real-time availability calculation using all components of a facility including total line limit.

Collateral Updates

Easily update loan and status fields for common events (servicing, wet to dry) while loans are warehoused.

Interest Accrual, Fee tracking and Invoicing

Daily interest accruals are run for all lines.  Ability to add one-time or recurring fees.  Automatically create monthly invoices for clients, encapsulating all interest and fee activity.

Additional Features Coming Soon:

  • Custodial Processing and Shipment Tracking - reconcile inventory versus a daily custodial extract.  Track shipping status, wet/dry and document exceptions.
  • Client Portal - allow loan sellers to directly access your LMS.Lend instance through a secure, web-based portal.  Clients can initiate funding requests, view loan exceptions, and run reports

We encourage our readers to provide us with feedback. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to see a demo of our latest technology, please reach out to your SSI Account Manager or email us at