We are thrilled to introduce 19.79.0

SSI has been busy working feverishly on enhancements to the LMS platform.  Our intent was to take our already flexible user friendly system and... simply make it better, stronger, faster.  From new dashboarding options like KPIs and Rich Text widgets to advanced reporting capabilities via our new Photon query engine - there is quite a bit new to see.  

The SSI team is proud to release cycle 19.79.0.  At the same time, we also know this is just the beginning of greater things to come.  Below are just a few of the highlights of the release.  


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are useful for presenting high-level metrics in a very simple way. Below is an example of KPIs from the AcquisitionFlow Monitor.

Each KPI can have a primary and secondary value, and can be set to turn red if a pre-defined threshold is reached

Live Layout

Dashboards can be configured by entering "live layout" mode, which allows the builder to instantly see changes they've made. Configuration options appear in a floating toolbar at the top of the screen while in live layout mode.

Builders now have much more control over the placement of widgets onscreen - convenient one-click options let them be sized to 25%/50% or 100% of the screen width.  

Layouts can even be nested for even more control over widget placement.

Advanced Queries

Cycle 19.79.0 is the first version to use the Photon engine - a proprietary query engine that allows far more reporting flexibility than its predecessor.

Photon's key benefit is the ability to write multi-step queries. Builders can specify multiple queries using the point and click tools provided, then link them together. Data can also be pivoted and unpivoted. These steps can be combined to create extremely complex queries in minutes.

Below is a grid using Photon which compare lock vs due diligence results on a field by field basis. It was built using photon's unpivotjoin, and calc operations

photon example 1.jpg

Below is a grid which uses union to combine purchase and sale pool information into one table.

Would you like to see a demo of 19.79.0?

SSI will be at the MBA Annual Convention & Expo 2015 Oct 18-21 in San Diego, CA

If you plan on being at the MBA conference, please contact us and let's schedule a time to meet.

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