Beautiful reports?

Apparently printed reports still do matter.  It never fails that someone will ask during a demo, "Are you able to print that dashboard?".  Or someone else will say, "Will the printed report have all the information that I see on the dashboard?".  I thought going 'paperless' meant, going paperless.  

At SSI, we get it.  The need for better reporting capabilities, whether printed or converting to a PDF format, is still very high on the priorities list.  Our upcoming 19.79 release, scheduled for end of Q1 2015 contains reporting enhancements based on the feedback we have received.  Here are just a few of changes you can expect to see in the next release:

  • Rather than replicating the exact look of the dashboard, we completely redesigned the PDF rendering process to create simple, clean, presentation-ready reports
  • The user now has better control over the paper size and orientation when creating the PDF export
  • Both batch reporting and browser generated PDFs will have the same reporting format
  • Excel data exporting has been redesigned to properly handle pivot tables and matrices without having to reformat the file
  • The dashboard exporting process was simplified to support future exporting format changes

As always, we encourage our subscribers to provide us with your feedback.  If you have any questions or comments that you would like to address to us specifically, please email us at