LMS version 19.78 released!

The next major release of the LMS platform, Version 19.78, has been released. Version 19.78 has a host of powerful new features and improvements to our core platform which will be driving a number of key product enhancements across our entire product line in the next quarter.

Modern look and feel

19.78 sports a clean and uncluttered look designed to improve readability and usability:

  • Consistent visual used for all dashboards and editors
  • Slimmer application menu that takes up less screen space
  • Icons for common actions such as export, print, edit
  • More responsive layout that looks good on both small and large screens
  • Much faster page loading

New exporting options

  • Dashboard Export - entire dashboards can now be exported to Excel using the download icon at the top of any dashboard:  
  • Redesigned export wizard - the export wizard has been completely redesigned for ease of use. Any grid can now be exported in .xlsx format as well as .csv. Long-running exports can be kicked off and then downloaded from the Activity Center whenever they are done, without tying up the user's browser session.
  • Export maps can now be created through a wizard which can take in a sample export format. The wizard works in a similar fashion to the tape cracking wizard map-by-example used for import maps

Excel format support

MS-Excel .xslx format is now supported (in addition to .csv) for importing and exporting. This format is available both from the user interface and from LoanTalk automation

Dashboard selector wizard

Prior to 19.78, dashboards could only be run if they were in the app menu or exposed as a specific drilldown option in the a dashboard widget. In .78, a new Dashboard Selector Wizard can be made available in any grid or card widget. This allows the the user to choose from a list of available dashboards, and allows dashboards to replace the Reports functionality from cycle 18.

Document Management

Document image management has been completely redesigned for greater scalability and usability. 19.78's doc management features include:

  • New doc viewer widget that make it easy to navigate and view docs from anywhere in LMS.
  • Drag-and-drop uploading of multiple docs at a time
  • Built to handle high volumes and render even huge docs onscreen with ease
  • Store docs at the loan, pool, trade, or company level
  • Docs saved in the LMS database with no insecure files on the LAN
  • Easy bulk export: download docs for one or hundreds of loans in a zip file for delivery to investors or ratings agencies. Downloads can be organized in any structure desired using familiar data mapping tools
  • System integration: documents are fully integrated with LoanTalk integration. Images can uploaded in bulk or one at a time from diligence providers and seller feeds.