Cycle 78 preview: document management

In our upcoming c78 release, we've completely overhauled our document management capabilities, with a host of new user features, scalability improvements, and integration capabilities centered around managing loan docs:

  • New widgets that make it easy to navigate and view docs from anywhere in LMS.

  • Drag-and-drop uploading of multiple docs at a time

  • Built to handle high volumes and render even huge docs onscreen with ease

  • Store docs at the loan, pool, trade, or company level

  • Docs saved in the LMS database with no insecure files on the LAN

  • Easy bulk export: download docs for one or hundreds of loans in a zip file for delivery to investors or ratings agencies. Downloads can be organized in any structure desired using familiar data mapping tools

  • System integration: documents are fully integrated with LoanTalk integration. Images can uploaded in bulk or one at a time from diligence providers and seller feeds.

Check out the new features below!

The new doc management features will be available in the upcoming c78 platform release. Contact your client services representative or for more details.