Integration with LoanTalk


LoanTalk enables automation and real-time integration between SSI products and other internal systems, models and third party vendor systems.


Integrate with Internal Systems

Through workflow configuration, SSI Systems can interact with other downstream systems such as risk management or accounting. For example, when a new trade is booked in LMS, a workflow rule can instruct LoanTalk to send the trade details to an in-house trading system. Similarly, proprietary internal pricing models can be easily invoked and results captured for further analysis.

Order Third Party Services electronically

Services such as AVMs and credit bureau reports can be ordered via a secure interface by LoanTalk. Subsequently, loan-level results will be automatically loaded into the SSI database as soon as they are available. This paves way for real-time, two-way communication with an outsourced fulfillment center partner.

Automate Processes

LoanTalk can automate many manual processes:

  • Eliminate time spent loading files from data providers
  • Daily reports, scanning data feeds
  • Order credit, diligence, AVM, BPO and other services
  • Run monthly remittance data
  • Generate and distribute scheduled reports

Connect To Any Data Source

LoanTalk can interface with other systems using a wide variety of channels and data sources including:

  • XML-based web services
  • SQL/ODBC based database connections
  • Flat file feeds

Service Oriented Architecture

LoanTalk ships with a web services API (SOAP), that provides other applications running on multitude of platforms an easy way to add and monitor messages on the processing queue.

Easy To Manage

LoanTalk includes add-ins for other SSI products that allow users to configure channels and jobs from their workstations. In addition, a web-based administrative console is provided for remote monitoring and server maintenance.