LMS.Insight is SSI's Servicing Surveillance application. With a comprehensive servicing and loan data model, LMS Insight allows you to warehouse all of your loan servicing data, analyze it over time, automatically look for servicing errors, and create a workflow with your servicers in which servicing errors can be resolved within the system. LMS Insight is a powerful tool that can automate most of your servicing surveillance process and enable you to handle a larger portfolio of loans with no additional operational costs.

What's in the box? 


Comprehensive Loan Servicing Datamodel

  • Track servicer activity and store servicer data on a time series basis
  • Load data from multiple servicers every night
  • Ability to query servicing history at both the loan-level and on an aggregate basis
  • Benefit from our familiarity with data feeds from major loan servicers


Custom Servicing Exception Logic

  • Translate existing operational logic into custom workflows which look for loan servicing errors
  • Automatically identify servicing errors of multiple types, including delinquency, foreclosure, loss mitigation, and MI


Comprehensive Exception Management Workflow

  • Once identified, exceptions follow a life cycle from creation to resolution
  • Servicer and Client users can both log in to the same system to collaboratively resolve servicing errors 
  • Be as hands on or hands off as you want - check in whenever you want to see the current state of an exception, or allow our powerful automation to alert you only when there is something needing your input
  • Ensure accountability of all parties involved - our complete audit trail functionality tracks every change made to every exception, by everyone. See the whole history of work done on an exception in one screen. 
  • Automatically generate and close exceptions nightly based on incoming servicer data, reducing your work load and allowing you to take on a greater volume of loans with less overhead costs

Audit Result Tracking

  • Associate loans in your portfolio with audits on an ad-hoc basis or in bulk
  • Load audit results in bulk and view them in our expertly designed audit viewer dashboards
  • Automatically integrate audit data with existing loan data in the system


Campaign Tracking

  • Associate loans in your portfolio with campaigns on an ad-hoc basis or in bulk
  • Load campaign results in bulk and view them in our campaign viewer dashboards
  • Campaign results on a loan level are automatically connected with other loan level data, such as servicing data and audit data
  • Automatically update campaign information on a daily basis from servicing data to have a constantly updated, real-time understanding of campaign performance

What does it do for me? 

Analyze your servicing data

  • Load daily data that is automatically checked for common data problems
  • Look at the whole servicing history of one loan, the servicing history of your entire portfolio, or a snapshot of your portfolio today


Automatically report on your portfolio's performance

  • Our interactive dashboards can be configured to create interactive reports which are always comprehensive and up to date
  • Our reports are print-ready and can be automatically sent to all relevant parties on a scheduled basis

Automate your servicing surveillance process

  • Nightly automation of the servicing exception generation, updating, and closure process saves you time by automatically identifying servicing errors that can be hard to spot manually
  • Automate all tedious aspects of the servicing surveillance process
  • Handle a larger loan portfolio with fewer operational staff

Perform third party audit work

  • The audit functionality in LMS.Insight can be extended to handle audit work on third party loans