LMS.Fin provides counterparty management that allows you to centralizes all customer data.  This module provides the key functions to managing warehouse lines providing real-time risk management with respect to the monthly roll process.  Tracking fundings, sales and rolls, monitoring concentration limits and applying eligibility rules has never been easier to configure.  Providing customizable reporting, defining separate criteria per line, calculating accrued finance charges, advance percentages and handling mark-to-market and margin call processes is just a few examples of the functions of this module.  The module also has the flexibility to support multiple asset classes such as residential and commercial mortgages, auto and student loans.

What's in the box? 

Warehouse Line maintenance

  • Define key terms for multiple lines with each counterparty – overall limit, finance margin, facility type
  • Define and maintain advancing and aging rules based on loan characteristics
  • Define and maintain collateral sublimits based on client-configurable rules
  • Re-warehousing and multiple entities supported

Funding Process

  • Support automated funding process
  • Upload funding request and collateral file into system
  • Calculate loan-level advance rates
  • Process funding and manage inventory move
  • Create funding schedules for borrower
  • Upload custodian trailing exceptions

Return/Repurchase and Roll Process

  • Support automated process for repurchase of loans by counterparty
  • Upload return request files
  • Process funding and manage inventory move
  • Process monthly rolls by client in an automated manner


Line management

  • Report on metrics such as overall utilization, additional borrowing base or under collateralization
  • View collateral stats -  actual vs. sublimit
  • Analyze collateral composition via configurable strats
  • Process mark to market and paydowns; recalculate borrowing base


Finance charge accruals

  • Calculate daily financing and generate accruals on loan level
  • Produce net finance charge owed by client
  • Capture inventory status on time series basis
  • Process payments and net off against accruals


What does it do for me? 

Maintain Customer Data

LMS.Fin centralizes all customer data, including financial metrics and links to electronic documents, enabling a rigorous customer review and monitoring process. Our rule-based workflow ensures that each conforms to management policies regarding overall lending limits and financial health.

Manage Warehouse Lines

LMS.Fin captures all salient features of a lending facility, including lending limits, advance matrices, haircuts, and collateral eligibility. Real-time risk monitoring includes views of over/under collateralized lines, outstanding margin calls, and aged/delinquent collateral. LMS.Fin boasts a flexible interface where users can specify financing arrangements at the line level; in addition committed and uncommitted balances can also be tracked at the line level.

Track Fundings, Sales, and Rolls

New funding requests can be loaded into the application using its built in tape-cracking functionality, or directly uploaded via the SSI Customer Portal. LMS.Fin provides an automated interface where fundings are set up automatically, and files are loaded through an automated mechanism (via LoanTalk).

Loan deliveries can be automatically screened against negotiated eligibility criteria; LMS.Fin workflow automatically compares facility limits with line utilization before funding is authorized. Finally, customized funding schedules and notifications are automatically sent to borrowers, and collateral release letters are generated to streamline the final funding process.

LMS.Fin provides a customized solution to the complex problem of monthly position rolls. Users can easily segregate loans being rolled from new deliveries, compare before-and-after utilization vs. defined sub-limits, and apply aging penalties to rolls. Full transaction history ensures that appropriate loan and line level tracking can be performed.

Interest Accruals

LMS.Fin allows daily rates to be uploaded from market data feeds, and real-time accrual calculations are automatically calculated on nightly funded positions. Full daily and monthly accrual history is retained, allowing customers to receive detailed reporting on position and interest charges.