LMS.Connect is a secure website that provides users with limited access to certain LMS functionality to facilitate self service capabilities. Allow sellers to look at all their existing bids and trades. Search pipeline using any relevant criteria; submit new bids or deliveries (fully integrated with LoanTalk).

LMS.Connect enables loan-by-loan (flow) acquisitions to be directly integrated with other channels. Loans are managed from initial pricing and rate lock through due diligence, funding, and servicing transfer with the same database and user interface used for bulk trades. Lock extensions and withdrawals, diligence exceptions, and re-pricing are all handled in real time. 

What's in the box? 

Rate lock portal

  • Apply to be qualified as a new counterparty and download / upload necessary documents
  • Register a new loan for pricing using a workflow-enabled loan entry wizard
  • Manage originator’s pipeline of locked loans
  • View status – expired, pending diligence, failed review, cleared for funding
  • Ability for originator to add comments to a loan
  • Upload a loan file in a standardized format (maps configurable through LMS)
  • Manage lock withdrawal, expirations and re-locks
  • Secure upload of documents
  • View daily rate sheets

Program Pricing

  • Qualify, price, and lock a loan vs. Aggregator’s ’s daily rate sheet and adjustments
  • Define rate-sheet pricing matrices and apply to loans in LMS
  • Define daily base price matrix
  • Define risk based price adjustments
  • Archive daily pricing matrices on a daily basis


Program Eligibility

  • Model purchase eligibility guidelines rules and apply to loans
  • Define multiple programs
  • Define and maintain eligibility rules for each program
  • Maintain archive of inactive / expired rules


  • Configurable workflow to send out emails and alerts to client and 3rd party diligence firms upon specific actions
  • Configurable messages / alerts either generated by loan desk in LMS or by automated rules


Counterparty Management

  • Manage counterparty information
  • Track Status and Counterparty identifying information
  • Track documents associated with counterparty
  • Capture contact names/addresses and wire instructions


What does it do for me? 

Simplify seller experience

  • User friendly interface making locking loans easy
  • Sellers have the option to lock loans individually or via data load
  • Ability for sellers to get instant feedback on loans they are trying to price and lock
  • Sellers can see and track the status of their loans from loans that are registered to loans that have been settled and funded


Client Specific Program pricing & eligibility

  • Control the programs and pricing available to certain sellers
  • New sellers can apply and see if they qualify based on the seller guidelines
  • Automated updates via a vendor data gateway which will scan intraday for due diligence updates 


Access to summary information 

  • Seller can monitor current pipeline of loans to see what was locked funded and dropped in real time
  • Sellers can be informed of any program changes or updates via messaging
  • Appraisals, BPOs, title policies, etc, can be loaded and tracked at a loan level