LMS.Lend is our modern, 100% web based Warehouse Lending System.  This module provides the key functions to managing warehouse lines, providing real-time insight into all of your facilities.  Tracking fundings, sales and rolls, monitoring concentration limits and applying eligibility rules have never been easier to configure.  Providing customizable reporting, defining separate criteria per line, calculating accrued finance charges, advance percentages and handling mark-to-market and margin call processes are just a few examples of the functions of this module.  

What's in the box? 

Warehouse Line maintenance

  • Calculate a borrowing base in real-time, taking into consideration all covenants, sub-limits and pricing
  • Ability to apply a cash waterfall across eligible collateral, thereby providing best use for your warehouse clients
  • Ability to run facility calculations using loan level cash
  • Real-time availability calculation using all components of a facility including total line limit
  • Ability to remove newly funded loans based on sublimit violations

Funding and Return Process

  • Clear, easy-to-use transaction dashboard to monitor all activity on a particular line
  • All transactions use a wizard to guide users through the various steps of a funding or return
  • Ability to track advanced amount at the loan level
  • Easily add custom funding validations particular to your lending business
  • Create custom collateral definitions for use in defining pricing buckets
  • Assign margin and advance rates at the bucket level
  • Easy on-boarding using LMS.Lend’s mapping definition tool
  • Out-of-the-box support for manager approvals and transaction workflow
  • Full audit trail of all actions and decisions

Sublimit and Covenant Tracking/Waivers

  • Create custom collateral definitions for use in limit and exclusion definitions
  • Ability to temporarily waive any rule
  • All eligibility rules are invoked during transaction processing, providing an instant look at how any change will affect the facility

Interest Accrual, Fee tracking and Invoicing

  • Daily interest accruals are run for all lines
  • Ability to run loan-level accruals and invoicing
  • Ability to add one-time fees
  • Automatically create monthly invoices for clients, encapsulating all interest and fees


What does it do for me? 

Maintain Customer Data

LMS.Lend centralizes all customer data, including financial metrics and links to electronic documents, enabling a rigorous customer review and monitoring process. Our rule-based workflow ensures that each conforms to management policies regarding overall lending limits and financial health.

Manage Warehouse Lines

LMS.Lend allows the creation of custom collateral definitions for use in limit and exclusion definitions. Additionally, for added flexibility, any rule can be temporarily waived - this can allow you to track all sublimits and covenants in real-time.  

Track Fundings and Returns

New funding requests can be loaded into the application using its built in tape-cracking functionality. LMS.Lend provides an automated interface where transactions are set up and files are loaded through a simple wizard that guides users through the various steps.

Loan deliveries can be automatically screened against negotiated eligibility criteria; LMS.Lend workflow automatically compares facility limits with line utilization before funding is authorized. All eligibility rules are invoked during transaction processing, providing an instant look at how any change will affect the facility.

Interest Accruals

LMS.Lend allows daily rates to be uploaded from market data feeds, and real-time accrual calculations are automatically calculated on nightly funded positions. Full daily and monthly accrual history is retained, allowing customers to receive detailed reporting on position and interest charges. One-time or recurring fees can be added easily, and monthly invoices are created automatically for clients which encapsulate all interest and fee activity.