LMS.Claims is SSI's repurchase, putback, and premium recapture module.  Based on purchase and sale agreements, easily track claims from request through funding.  Streamlined claims processing allows you to update the position of loans in inventory while keeping track of individual breach details.  

What's in the box? 

Claims Processing

  • Track repurchases, seller putback, and premium recapture claims
  • Identify loans eligible for seller putback based on servicing data
  • Status management to track the life of the claim
  • Ability to process repurchases and putbacks in parallel
  • Maintain work queues by assigning claims to analysts

Claims Detail Tracking

  • Individually add and manage multiple breaches for each loan
  • User-set hierarchy to indicate which breach is primary claim reason
  • Add and edit comments on specific breaches
  • Assign breaches to categories for organization and reporting

Third Party Claim Responses

  • Load and manage responses to claims from third party vendors or internal reviewers
  • Indicate agreement or rebuttal on the responses

Claims Funding

  • Generate funding schedules for repurchase, putback, and premium recapture
  • View and download funding schedules at any point after generation directly in LMS.Claims 
  • Update loan positions automatically upon claim settlement


What does it do for me? 

Maintain Portfolio Position

When used on top of LMS position management, LMS.Claims helps you easily maintain the position of your portfolio. All claim data is tied to relevant loan records, so you'll always have an accurate picture of your position.

Streamline Claims Processing

LMS.Claims makes processing your claims clean and simple.  Based on purchase and sale agreements and servicing updates, LMS.Claims can help you identify loans eligible for putback and premium recapture, while allowing you to load repurchase requests. From investigation to rebuttal to funding, status management and simple work queues make it possible to track your claims pipeline with ease.

Aggregate Claims Data

LMS.Claims allows you to keep all of your claims detail and data in one centralized place. Keep track of multiple breaches per loan, third party breach responses, and internal review responses.  Each breach can be categorized so that you can quickly analyze performance of correspondents and generate reports across all claims.