SSI's Loan Management System (LMS) underlies all the product modules SSI offers. LMS consists of a comprehensive loan data model, tape cracking model, and reporting tools, providing a true end-to-end platform for managing all loan processes from acquisition to exit. SSI’s end-to-end solution helps Securitization Conduits manage their pipeline and track loans through all stages, from initial acquisition through sale, securitization or portfolio management. Sophisticated data capture, workflow and reporting tools facilitate all processes, including servicing oversight, claims management and pipeline monitoring.

What's in the box?


  • Manage purchase of whole loans
  • Handle flow and bulk acquisition
  • Crack seller bid tapes – setup import maps per seller / run standard validations
  • Run overviews - multiple stratifications of the loan data
  • Mark package as won/lost
  • Capture package trade details required for funding for won bids
  • Load custodian receipt/exception reports and record final disposition
  • Generate funding memo/schedule

Agency Pricing Pooling and Delivery

  • Seamless integration with bank LOS and servicing systems
  • Perform best-execution pooling to create an optimal pooling allocation of loans available for sale
  • Manage loan delivery workflow for agency, whole loan sale, and nonagency MBS executions
  • Both pool and loan-by-loan delivery (including forward flow sales) can be captured
  • Accommodates the entire spectrum of mortgage products, including HECMs and HELOCs
  • Load data and document issues from custodians and agency edits, and enable analysts to resolve discrepancies during the delivery process
  • Access 3rd party data and analytics services
  • Create pooling files in required Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie formats
  • Highly configurable to accommodate unique bank strategies and private investor stips
  • Monitor, manage and respond to repurchase requests

Due Diligence

  • Automated data loading of due diligence service results into LMS
  • Review credit compliance data
  • Review diligence service results and record final disposition
  • Real-time due diligence vendor integrations
  • Comment, upload docs, interact with sellers and vendors directly through LMS

Position Management

  • Maintain historical loan-level mark to market prices as well as pricing assumptions
  • Integrate with client’s proprietary valuation model  and store loan level results
  • Report on acquisition and transfer prices, current and historical positions, performing/non-performing status, etc.
  • Track position information on whole loan and MSRs and report on each position separately or in aggregate


  • Manage whole loan sale or securitization process for loans in inventory
  • Source loans for deals using various criteria – tag loans to create deal pooling
  • Generate replines for deal
  • Create comp mat and term sheet tables
  • Track deal balances and pay statuses post-securitization
  • Update inventory status after securitization

Counterparty Management

  • Manage counterparty information
  • Track Status and Counterparty identifying information
  • Track documents associated with counterparty
  • Capture contact names/addresses and wire instructions


What does it do for me?

Seller Monitoring

LMS centralizes all seller data, including links to electronic documents, enabling a robust company review and monitoring process. Our rule-based workflow ensures that each trade conforms to management policies regarding:

  • Trading authorization and commitment limits
  • Negotiated EPD / EPO clauses and pricing subsidies
  • Company financial health


Manage the Whole Loan Purchase Process

  • With sophisticated tape cracking and collateral reporting, LMS supports the entire whole loan purchase process and eliminates the need for standalone tools. 
  • Loans are easily checked against a client’s underwriting guidelines using our rule-based Product Eligibility engine. 
  • Third-party or proprietary pricing analytics can be integrated directly into our Pool Analysis interface through SSI’s integration server, LoanTalk.
  • Details of each bid, including sales history bid color, are readily available for analysis.


Best Execution Pooling

  • Identify eligible loans from available for sale inventory based on flexible, investor-specific criteria
  • Upload benchmark security prices from market data feeds on a daily and intra-day basis
  • Upload and save Agency standard and negotiated g-fee grids, monthly buy-up/buy-down ratios, and servicing pricing grids
  • Incorporate payups for specified pool characteristics
  • Produce detailed, customizable execution summary reports for Agency-eligible loans and pass pooling on to delivery group

Loan Delivery Process

LMS facilitates the loan delivery process by ensuring that every loan delivered to the Agencies meets their requirements by running those loans through a host of validations and checks.

  • Funded loans are loaded into the system from LOSs on a nightly or intra-day basis
  • Data validations are applied and scheduled sale balances automatically calculated
  • Identify and track loans with exceptions stemming from:
    • Custodial Issues
    • Servicing Related Issues
    • Unresolved Critical Data Issues
    • Quality Control Issues
  • Data discrepancies are filtered back to the loan delivery team via automated reports daily
  • The loan delivery team validates discrepancies and determines appropriate action:
    • Loan eligible for delivery
    • Loan ineligible for delivery - data issues to be corrected - loan follows the appropriate path for data correction
    • Data issues fatal loan ineligible for delivery and requires management review
  • Easily find substitutes for dropped loans - the system automatically suggests saleable loans with similar characteristics.
  • Manage detailed pool and loan statuses and analyst checklists throughout the delivery process
  • Coordinate communications between secondary marketing, delivery, custodian, and investor via automated workflow rules and notification emails

Perform Due Diligence

  • LMS frees diligence managers from the tangle of navigating through service provider websites and e-mailing multiple attachments. 
  • All due diligence findings can be stored in the LMS database. Loans can be sampled and sent to service providers, results and exceptions reviewed, for final purchase eligibility without leaving the LMS user interface. 
  • Out-of-the box interfaces are available to many leading providers of re-underwriting, property valuation, and fraud services.


Capture Trade Details

  • LMS records full details of each purchase commitment with a flexible and configurable trade ticketing capability. 
  • Pricing, delivery tolerances, EPD/EPO clauses, and yield maintenance terms are all captured and fed to downstream systems. 
  • Complex options such as master forward arrangements, TBAs, servicing released trades, and multi-currency commitments are fully supported.
  • Trade confirmations and notifications are generated automatically.

Automate Fundings

  • For all commitment types, LMS facilitates the bid-vs-settle comparison and repricing process, and allows transaction managers to reconcile with custodial docs before final settlement. 
  • LMS also automates the calculation of accrued interest and generates customizable purchase advice reports. 
  • Finally, the system generates wire instructions, sends automated notifications to all parties, and creates settlement feeds to G/L and trading systems. Post-funding, LMS tracks servicing transfer status, facilitating the boarding of loans to a client’s servicing systems.